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Addressing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Video Series

Target Audience

Individuals Interested in Estate and Generational Wealth Topics


25 videos, 22,000+ YouTube views, 90,000+ webpage visits

As Producer of this series, Suzy is to be credited with both the valuable emphasis on messaging critical content and high quality production of the content. Her engaging personality and highly developed interview skills allowed those participating in the video series to shine on camera. Her technical proficiencies allow her to guide projects like these to maximum exposure.

Amy Michaud

Director, Membership and Foundation Management, ACTEC

Video Project Overview

Purpose: A video series designed to bring awareness to issues surrounding historically underrepresented communities.  

The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel, ACTEC, wanted to explore some sensitive and complicated topics regarding wealth inequity and marginalized communities. Planning for a Diverse and Equitable Future launched in 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Adapting to the reality of working remotely, this series has been produced solely through web-based video production platforms, allowing greater flexibility in interviewing presenters and a reduced production cost.

Videos were shared regularly and tackled complicated topics such as how to change your legal name and gender marker if you are transgender,  landmark civil rights cases, and understanding black history and racial inequity.

Won Two Awards of Distinction

The series was recognized in the Online Video Web Series category, and “Transgender? How to Change Your Legal Name and Gender Marker on Vital Records” was recognized in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Category & Video – Web Series category.

Video Production Strategy

Target Audience — The target audience ranges from lawyers to equity advocates to the general public researching a unique estate topic.

Production Process — This series is produced entirely on a web-based video recording platform. The flexibility of this platform makes it easier for guests to say “yes” to interviews. The program has an ACTEC Fellow host, who introduces each topic and offers actions individuals can take at the end.

Post-Production — An audio engineer edits and processes the file for distribution. The podcast is fully transcribed and processed for sharing on a webpage with graphics, keywords, and SEO. All aspects of the production undergo a quality check prior to webpage design and posting. Visit Planning for a Diverse and Equitable Future to appreciate the full series.

Branding —The series is branded in the opening and closing with music and narration. Graphic elements are also reinforced at every opportunity.

Posting — The final step in podcast production is to upload to ACTEC’s YouTube channel. Once live, a video player is added to the webpage and the webpage is shared to social media websites.

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